Although Microsoft has now promised that all Sidekick users will be getting their contact info and other personal data back again, the anger felt over the past few days could lead to lawsuits.

After initially appearing unsure, Microsoft told Sidekick users today that it has recovered all of data lost when its Sidekick database and back-up systems crashed last Saturday.

In an open letter to customers, Microsoft Corporate vice president Roz Ho said that she believes only a minority of Sidekick users are still impacted.

But livid users on the T-Mobile Forums said they'd ditch their Sidekicks and join class action lawsuits.

At the time of writing, T-Mobile seemed to have moved — or maybe even removed — some of the earlier anguished outcries from Sidekick users. In fact, in a search of the forums under the keyword "Sidekick," most, if not all, of the postings that turned up seemed to date from before the outage.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, other users pointed today to Sidekick lawsuits now under way in California and Washington. According to Engadget, the California case was filed by a mother whose teenage daughter bemoaned the loss of her "photos and song lyrics."

While the Sidekick fray might be diminishing, T-Mobile employees seem to be trying to stay out it, anyhow. "We really can't comment about that at the store level," responded one astute staffer at a T-Mobile store in New York City, when contacted.