Microsoft says it has resolved an outage of its Azure cloud computing service that impacted some European users for more than two hours yesterday.

Microsoft has released scant details as to what caused the outage. The company says the disruption impacted hosted services, but not storage accounts or running applications.

In March, Microsoft offered credits to customers impacted by the "Leap Day" Azure outage, which occurred on February 29. A software bug exposed code that did not account for this year's Leap Day, which only occurs every four years and caused the system to believe it was failing. That issue took more than 13 hours to resolve.

The Azure issue was just one of several outages that occurred yesterday. Google Talk users lamented on Twitter about an outage that impacted "a majority of users," the company said. Disgruntled chatters were silenced on the social media network when Twitter itself fell victim to an outage.

Other cloud providers have suffered outages in recent months, including and Amazon Web Services.