Micron Technology introduced its latest solid-state drive today, taking SSD capacity and performance to the next level. The RealSSD gets its first 25-nanometer NAND flash die-based drive; this process was first introduced in production early in 2010.

The new RealSSD moves to a range of capacities from 64Gb up to a whopping 512GB. The drives will be offered in 1.80-inch and 2.5-inch form factors, and will, like the RealSSD C300 before it, have a 6GB/s SATA interface.

Micron says the C400 will be able to deliver read speeds of 415 megabytes per second, up by 17 percent over the C300. The write technology, which has typically lagged among SSD units, improves by nearly double that.

With write performance varying by capacity, the new 512GB drive achieves up to 275MB/s write speeds, nearly a 30 percent faster boost over the C300 drive.

The drive is sampling now, and mass production is expected in February. Crucial, Micron's consumer arm, will sell C400 under the name Crucial m4 SSD in the first quarter of 2011.