HP CEO Meg Whitman today revealed a number of computing architecture innovations that the company is pinning its hopes on for the future. 

Whitman started by claiming that computing architecture had not been transformed in more than 60 years, adding that there is a changing IT environment and computing must evolve with it.  

Speaking at the annual HP Discover conference in Barcelona, the former eBay boss said: “What’s coming next is a whole new architecture based on two revolutionary technologies created by HP Labs  Memristor and Photonics.”

Memristor is a “high-performance, low-cost, non-volatile memory” that will “change how data is stored”, while photonics is a data communication technology that uses “micro scale lasers on micro chips to convert data signals to light and back again”.  

According to Whitman, photonics will eventually replace the copper cables currently in use and eventually boast data transfer speeds of 6Tbps. “At that speed, you can transfer four days of HD video in one second,” she added.

In addition, Whitman said that HP is building a number of big data technologies on its Haven platform, which combines analytics, processing and security. 

The American CEO suggested that all of the aforementioned technologies will play a fundamental role in the new solutions that HP is developing to help businesses grapple with big data. 

Meanwhile, the company head also revealed that HP has been trying to produce fast and high quality 3D printers.

“You’ll soon see a lot more about the unique solutions that HP is developing that leverage our incredible IP and institutional knowledge in this space,” she said. “HP has been the leader in bridging the physical and virtual worlds for 20 years and we’re going to bring that to 3D.”  

Whitman delivered her keynote as protestors picketed outside the exhibition centre over the HP job cuts being made in Spain.