McData has bundled three separate SAN management products into one, called Enterprise Fabric Connection Manager (EFCM) 9.0, but previously known as EFCM, SANpilot and SANavigator.

SANpilot, lately renamed EFCM Basic, is - was - a simple, straightforward McData SAN-only management tool for up to six Sphereon switches. It could be used configure the switches and perform simple SAN fabric management.

SANavigator was a multi-vendor, multi-protocol, network management application. It identified all SAN devices and their connections, and created a visual map. Sysadmins could monitor and configure all storage devices, regardless of vendor or protocol.

EFCM itself came in two versions: standard; and enterprise. EFCM Standard let sysadmins view, configure and zone McData switches from a single console and supported up to 140 ports. EFCM Enterprise centralised management of large, multi-fabric or multi-site storage networks through a single pane of glass. Both FICON and iSCSI were supported.

The all-new unified product supports the latest features across the McData switch and director range, including its 4Gbit/s and 10Gbit/s Fibre Channel interfaces, Open VSANs (virtual SANs) as well as SAN LPARs (Logical Partitions) for better network segmentation and security in consolidated networks. It also provides support for diagnostics tools.

McData’s EFCM 9.0 is available now. No pricing information was released.

Further releases:

Both Brocade, which is buying McData, and McData itself are in the open source Aperi storage system management group working under the Eclipse Foundation.

We may well expect two further convergence releases of EFCM. The first will be to combine the separate Brocade and McData SAN management products; the second to provide Aperi/SMI-S support. Perhaps Brocade/McData will even donate code to Aperi although nothing has been said about that yet.

Enhanced director:

Separately McData has added 4Gbit/s to its largest director, now called the i10K Extreme. Previously it supported 2Gbit/s port links and 10Gbit/s inter-switch links. There other new features such as LPARS for isolating SAN segments, and Open VSANs to manage logically separate switches inside the i10K director. The i10K Xtreme is available now.