Manx Telecom today hailed the Isle of Man as the country with the best 4G coverage in the world.

Speaking at the company’s headquarters, Manx Telecom marketing director, David Smith, said: “I can’t find any other country that has got 95 percent 4G coverage.”

Manx Telecom, which listed on the London Stock Exchange earlier this year, raising over £150 million in the process, turned on its 4G network last Tuesday and has seen mobile internet speeds raise from an average of 4Mbps to nearly 100Mbps. 

The network currently reaches 90 percent of the island’s 85,000 inhabitants but Kevin Paige, the telco’s technology director, told Techworld that this will rise to 95 percent when the last two of the 70 base station upgrades are completed over the next couple of months.

EE, the UK’s leading mobile operator, boasts 73 percent of coverage across the UK but this is expected to rise to 98 percent by the end of 2014.

Other countries, such as South Korea and Japan, are renowned for the speed of their mobile networks but Smith believes that people in the Isle of Man have better coverage on the whole.

Manx Telecom, the mobile network of choice for 76 percent of the island's residents, previously announced that it was going to deploy the 4G at some point in 2014 after reaching a deal with Chinese telecoms equipment provider, Huawei, last November. 

Paige explained that Huawei’s technology allows Manx Telecom to deliver the island’s still-in-use 2G and 3G networks from the same box as the 4G network, saving power consumption in the process. 

“The management of how people’s devices move between 2G, 3G and 4G is all in one place,” he said. “So for us that gives a massive benefit when it comes to ensuring that they’re operating as efficiently as possible.”

Huawei’s continued investment into the UK and 5G vision are also viewed favourably by Manx Telecom, which has pledged to spend £10 million on further improving its mobile network over the next three years, with a “large chunk” of that going to Huawei.