Lucent has won a patent infringement lawsuit and $274,990 in damages against Extreme Networks, but Extreme has claimed it as a victory since four of the five claims were dismissed.

The five claims were made two years ago by Lucent against the network services vendor. The award could have been as high as $16.4 million had the jury ruled against Extreme on the other four patent infringement charges. Extreme Networks said the unspecified networking feature that led to the jury's award has been removed from the company's products for more than a year.

Lucent had contended that Extreme Networks was developing and selling equipment that contained Lucent's claimed inventions for organising voice and data transmissions, congestion control, network security and broadcasting.

"We view this as a total victory, particularly in light of the fact that Lucent initially demanded payment of tens of millions of dollars," Gordon Stitt, CEO of Extreme, said.

A spokesman for Lucent said the company was pleased with the partial verdict in its favour, but added: "We were disappointed that we did not win on the other four patents. Lucent vigorously guards its intellectual property, which is the lifeblood of the company."

Lucent is reviewing the verdict for a possible appeal and "will determine our next course of action in due time," he said.