DLT Reeling
Quantum has practically given up overtaking LTO with its DLT-V and DLT-S formats.CEO Rick Belluzzo is reported saying as much. Having joined the LTO Consortium through the side door by buying Certance The company will sell LTO drives and libraries and focus on building out its disk-to-disk backup product, the DX.

Quantum will still energetically develop its DLT lines and previewed its DLT-S4 format at CeBit. It offers 800GB capacity with a 40Mbit/s transfer rate.

Spectra Logic chose this time to introduce an LTO-based tape library for SMEs. The T50 is a fast and small library which has up to 4 LTO drives and 50 cartridge slots in 4U, or seven inches in a standard NEMA rack. The library has a 576GB/hour throughput and 20TB native capacity with LTO-3. It is compatible with all major backup software, operating systems and platforms, and will be available in May from $9,300, less than £5000.

Coincidentally Tandberg reaffirmed it was building LTO drives, having gained a license from the LTO consortium some time ago. It launched a half-height LTO2 drive offering 200GB capacity and 24MB/s transfer speed. Tandberg said that the drive had "the lowest cost per Gigabyte ratio and power consumption of any LTO Ultrium format drive on the market." The drive's street price is expected to be £1,300. It will be offered as the drive in Tandberg's 1U StorageLoader, a thin autoloader said to be available from April.

Disk-to-disk rules
Quantum is offering hardware compression on its disk-to-disk backup DX line. It calls it Optyon inline compression and it works in hardware adapter cards in the DX. It effectively doubles the capacity of the DX systems without, Quantum says, degrading performance by using server CPU cycles. Software compression can use up to 35 percent or more server CPU resource.

The DX products can now also be partitioned into virtual tape libraries.

Yosemite is introducing a disk-to-disk version of its backup software called Yosemite Backup Advanced. The company's products are shipped in server systems sold by, amongst others, HP and Dell. The product allows users to create virtual tape libraries for flexible disk-to-disk-to-tape backup methodologies.

Just in case you thought it was trapped in its research labs, IBM has demonstrated a prototype Millipede product, said to be capable of storing 600,000 digital images on a postage stamp.

HP has announced a multi-function network card which includes a TCP/IP offload engine, iSCSI acceleration features and Remote DMA. Expect it to arrive in ProLiant Servers and to accelerate traffic over unified Ethernets carrying a mix of traffic.

Veritas is supporting Solaris 10 with its Storage Foundation, Cluster Server and Volume Replicator software.