LSI has now expanded iSCSI connectivity support across its complete line of Engenio external storage systems, as it introduced its Simplicity iSCSI-based 1532 storage system.

The 1532 storage system is the newest addition to LSI’s family of low-end Simplicity systems that are targeted at the SMB (small to medium business) market. LSI says it is designed to be both a simple and low-cost networked storage option.

The company already offers Simplicity systems with SAS and Fibre Channel interface options, with the 1333 and 1932 respectively. The 1532 array is not sold direct, according to a LSI spokeswoman, but rather it is OEM’ed to other vendors. IBM, for example, has rebranded it as the DS3300.

The 1532 comes with a iSCSI host interface technology, and LSI hopes that it will provide SMB’s with an easy-to-use IP SAN (storage area network over an IP network) system. LSI is predicting that it will appeal to SMB customers looking for an alternative to a Fibre Channel SAN, as they transition from a DAS (Direct Attached Storage).

The 1532 is suited for applications such as relational databases, Exchange, SQL Server, CRM, ERP, and e-commerce. It is also pretty scalable. Designed with four 1Gbit/s iSCSI hosts per dual controller system, the entry level systems begin with a 2U 12-drive configuration, which can scale up to 48 300GB SAS and SATA drives, offering up to 36TB of storage.

This flexible approach allows users to start small, and then scale up their capacity as the storage demands of the business grows.

Managed by Simplicity Storage Manager software, the 1532 supports data utilisation and protection strategies, including storage partitioning, snapshot and volume copy.

“LSI is delivering iSCSI support across our Engenio family of storage systems in order to provide both SMB and enterprise customers with an easily-managed IP storage network that brings the consolidation benefits of a shared environment,” said Steve Gardner, director of product marketing, Engenio Storage Group, LSI.

In addition, LSI has also completed certification of its SANtricity-managed Fibre Channel arrays with the QLogic SANbox 6140 Intelligent Storage Router. By testing and certifying this router, LSI says that select SANtricity storage systems can be bridged across an IP network, enabling enterprise customers to have multi-protocol connectivity between servers and the SANtricity storage systems.