Oculan Corp has released the Oculan 250 management appliance for managing and securing network devices, servers and desktops.

The Oculan 250 connects to a server or a switch and either actively retrieves performance information from network and security devices or passively watches traffic through the mirror port on a switch. The appliance can run with pre-defined rules for management performance thresholds, and network administrators can configure the appliance to look for specific performance patterns on their network devices. The Oculan 250 will also suggest fixes to some of the problems that may crop up on security devices and desktops, for example.

"We wanted to keep it simple and make it easy to use for the SMB market," says Oculan CEO and President Robert Davis. "If I'm a network manager I want to get as much bang for my buck as I can possible get because I cannot keep up with 2 percent of the events on my network."

The appliance will collect, correlate and filter events, alerting a network administrator when network performance degrades. The Oculan 250 provides numerous automatic and ad hoc management reports on network health and performance, and notifications through e-mail, pager, or phone of network problems and significant events.

The Oculan 250 performs network and systems management on switches and routers; server and desktop management; intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning; and bandwidth analysis and asset management.

"The Oculan 250 cuts a wide swath across the management requirements of any business, but especially the majority of companies that are not 'enterprise' size yet need enterprise-like management capabilities," said Valerie O'Connell, managing director of enterprise systems management for the Aberdeen Group in a statement. "Oculan 250 is designed and priced for them, and there is no comparable breadth of pre-integrated functionality at this price point available on the market today."

The Oculan 250 can manage up to 25 network devices, 25 servers and 250 desktops. The company says the appliance scales upward by transitioning to Oculan's Distributed Appliance Suite (DAS), anchored by the centerpiece appliance OpticNerve, which can manage up to 5,000 network nodes.

Available now through resellers and directly from Oculan, the Oculan 250 costs about US$10,000