German company Login is launching into the UK with the latest version of its hassle-free network management system.

Loginventory works in combination with the built-in capabilities of Windows and would enable users to create a complete network management system without the costs normally associated with this functionality, such as client licences, and additional hardware and software, the company said.

It also claimed the inventory software offers smaller enterprises the same functionality that is available to larger corporates.

Login managing director, Roland Lötzerich, said that the main difference between the old version and the most recent one was the different database structure. "We moved away from a linear structure to a relational database." He added that the new version would also support the WMI interface.

Lötzerich said that the product provides an effective way to manage a smaller corporate network. "We don’t do a perfect job - no-one does." But he added that the software would be able to pick up all software that was written in the past three, or four years.

A web-enabled version of the product should be available within a few weeks according to Lötzerich. Loginventory is currently available online but the company is actively looking to build a UK sales channel. The cost ranges from £3.20 to £4.20 per PC.