LiquidWare claims to have cracked one of the problems faced by organisations looking to adopt desktop virtualisation - how to identify which users would benefit from virtualising their desktops and which ones would need to remain with thick clients.

The issue of identifying which employees to migrate has proved to be a tricky one for enterprises. A survey from Computacenter last month revealed that companies were finding it hard to meet a return on investment within a set time frame, partly because of a shortage of decent metrics.

LiquidWare's new One Click Assessment Findings Deliverable, within its Stratusphere tool, has been designed to identify suitable candidates for desktop virtualisation. Administrators can assess employees' use of the network, the applications they can access and their desktop use to identify good, poor and fair candidates for desktop virtualisation.

Jason Smith, LiquidWare's VP of marketing said that the reports were fully customisable for an organisation's needs. He added that the software had the ability to insert thresholds suitable for that organisation's environment and could be used with VMware View, Microsoft Windows 7 and Citrix XenDesktop.

The assessment period lasts between five and 30 days and can deliver reports in PowerPoint for ease of use said Smith.