Laptops contain sensitive business data and store an average of $525,000 worth of information, according to a survey contracted by iBahn, a provider of secure hotel broadband services.

The study found that the average value of personal information on travellers' laptops is $330,000, and that 39 percent of respondents had been hit by some form of malware while at work.

It also found 40 percent of respondents used open or unsecured Wi-Fi connections in any given month, and that only 32 percent said the Wi-Fi connections they used in hotels or conference centres were "somewhat" or "highly secure."

The iBahn study was conducted by FGI Research from 5 to 16 April this year.

Four hundred and ninety-one people responded, all of whom use a laptop or PDA and stay at least one night in a hotel monthly. About 18 percent of respondents were managers. FGI Research used its SmartPanel to assemble the "most representative sample possible."