LaCie has introduced the LaCie Network Space 2, an advanced consumer network attached storage (NAS) and media server.

LaCie Network Space 2 combines the performance of a fully-featured NAS solution with a customised user interface, making it as convenient and user-friendly as a USB external hard drive insists the company.

Created exclusively for LaCie by Neil Poulton, who designs and develops best-selling, award-winning products for a variety of international clients, the unit features a sleek, mirror-polished black finish with blue LED strip on its underside, which hopefully creates an ambient glow and not an distraction.

Compatible with Mac and PC, the LaCie Network Space 2 offers 1 TB of storage and comes with a USB 2.0 host connection in the front of the device that allows users to connect a USB flash drive, external hard drive or digital camera, and import files automatically without the need of a computer.

Additionally, the unit includes iTunes server software so Mac and PCs can see and play content from the LaCie Network Space 2 directly through the iTunes interface.

The LaCie Network Space 2 has an SRP of £139 (US$229) including VAT and is available from stores and online. More information can found at