Revivio has launched a fault-tolerant continuous protection system (CPS).

It's initial CPS 1100 was a single-component system that tested continuous protection ideas, but now a fully fault-tolerant CPS 1200 system has been introduced. Data or entire disks or groups of disks can be copied to the CPS 1200 and, if the data sources are lost, instantaneous recovery is possible. is a user of the original CPS 1100. Both the CPS 1100 and 1200 take the concept of disk-based backup a step further by removing the restraint of session-based backup and providing continuous protection data protection. (TimeSpring provides similar facilities for continuous protection of file-based data.)

With continuous protection there is no missing data since the last scheduled backup, snapshot or mirror because data is protected all the time. IT administrators can instantly access all volumes used by an application, meaning an entire dataset, as they existed at any selected point in time since the initial copy. Crashed servers or applications can be restored in minutes, rather than the hours required for other session-based data protection technologies.

The CPS 1200 has no single point of failure. It has multiple controllers, and more can be added to scale up connectivity. There are dual components in all the critical areas: power supplies, fans etc. Multiple CPS 1200s can also be grouped to replicate to one or more disaster recovery sites. CPS 1200 contents can be written to tape as a further precaution.

Because data is copied to the CPS 1200 as it is written, continuously mirrored, to the primary storage it is timestamped and indexed, to a sub-microsecond level. Thus the original data will have time-stamped blocks grouped with it. This means that any version of that data since the original copy can be reconstructed, to a time granularity of a minute or less. It also means that the CPS 1200 doesn't need vast amounts of disk storage to hold complete versions of database files from minute to minute.

CPS 1200 systems are not cheap though and vary widely depending on what your needs are, from $50,000 to $500,000 - around £35,000 to £350,000.