Tapping into Google Talk
Akonix has added support for Google Talk to its enterprise Instant Messaging (IM) control appliance. The Akonix L7 CM5000 device can enforce corporate policies on Google Talk users, blocking usage where specified, and logging IM conversations for archiving.

"As with AOL, MSN and Yahoo!, Google Talk will be downloaded and installed within corporate environments, raising security and compliance risks," said Akonix CTO Francis Costello.

He said that applicable policies could include allowing only authorised users access to the service, blocking IM viruses and spam, and filtering content for banned keywords, phrases or patterns.

10 Gig clusters get promoted
Server clustering via 10 Gig Ethernet has received a boost, with Foundry Networks and Myricom linking up to develop 10Gbit/s high-performance computing (HPC) technology and deliver it to users within scientific and business data centres.

Foundry is a developer of high-end Gig and 10 Gig routers and switches, while Myricom's products are specialist Ethernet NICs which are optimised for server clustering. The two companies said they would promote standards-based HPC by testing their products for interoperability, and then marketing them co-operatively.

The alliance pitches 10 Gig Ethernet against a number of HPC clustering rivals, such as Infiniband. It also provides a useful new outlet for 10 Gig vendors looking to move beyond the relatively low port counts of the core network backbone.

Netcool sees more telco hardware
Network management developer Micromuse has tied up with would-be Cisco rival Huawei Technologies to let the former's software manage the latter's hardware. China-based Huawei will now integrate its datacomms and telco networking kit with Micromuse's Netcool, for end to end fault and performance management.

Micromuse VP John Sien said Huawei has several hundred telco customers world-wide, and that the two companies would now work together on new business.

On a different note, Micromuse added that it was pleased how quickly its Netcool/NeuSecure security event monitoring (SEM) software had alerted users to the arrival of the Zotob worm. The company noted that SEM tools provide alerting and tracking capabilities, so outbreaks can be detected and blocked faster, and infected machines identified for cleansing.