The archiving supplier K-PAR has announced v4.3 of its Archimedia product which now adds support for ATAPI CD/DVD drive connectivity; FAT-32 support for legacy Magneto-Optical media; UDF v2.01; Microsoft Windows Server 2003 platform; improved XFS volume set access and security control; an interactive On-Line Help facility; and new granular licensing capabilities.

K-PAR managing director Graham Irving claims: "Archimedia (now provides) lower cost management for Windows and open system end users."

K-PAR has also announced Archimedia support for the new Sony 23GB Professional Disc for DataA drive, a new blue laser-based product that offers 23 GB of capacity per single-sided disc and a sustained data transfer rate of 11 MBps. K-PAR says it's 'ideal for professional data-intensive applications such as document and medical imaging, e-mail archiving, enterprise content management, multimedia projects, graphics design and audio/video editing.'

Archimedia is a hierarchical storage management product for the Windows NT/2000/2003/XP and Solaris operating systems. It provides a simple and intuitive software interface that enables centralised network management of CD/DVD and Magneto-Optical (MO) stand-alone drives as well as automated storage libraries for desktop, workgroup and enterprise archival storage applications.

K-PAR has also announced that it will offer software support services for MagnaVault archival storage management software for Linux and UNIX based operating systems. MagnaVault support was officially discontinued by San Diego-based BakBone Software, Inc. on 30 November 2003; one year after an official End-Of-Life product announcement was made by BakBone. K-PAR will offer MagnaVault customers continued support.

Michael Johnson, director of business development for K-PAR, said, "This is the first step in providing a bridge from the past into the future for MagnaVault customers. Early in 2004, K-PAR plans to offer a software migration path for legacy MagnaVault customers seeking greater capacity, higher performance and a long-term storage technology roadmap".

The price for Archimedia 4.3 in a stand-alone DVD drive is £495.00. The price for a 120-slot jukebox version is £2450.00.