Juniper has announced the final day for users to buy any of its DX application-acceleration boxes. The company, which last month said it would stop supporting the DX range, has indicated that the last day to buy one will be 15 September, although it will stop taking orders for some models as early as June.

The company, however, has said that products will be supported for five years.

Because Juniper Networks hasn't defined any particular road map for DX users, speculation as to what the company might do with the DX technology is a topic of interest for customers. Theoretically, the company could integrate DX technology into some of its other gear, such as the company's recently announced EX 4200 stackable switches designed for datacentres. As many as 10 of the devices can be strapped together into a logical switch, with each chassis capable of acting as a separately functioning hardware module within the switch.

That seems unlikely, says Zeus Kerravala, an analyst for the Yankee Group. "That would be a logical thought, but it doesn't look like they're doing that," he says. "This market opportunity is gone for them."

What Juniper says in response to questions about the migration path for its DX customers is this: "We are committed to working with our customers and plan to reallocate investments and resources to continue innovation on our existing and future product lines, including the WAN acceleration, security and routing technologies within our high-performance network-infrastructure offerings."

What that probably means, Kerravala says, is that Juniper has decided to take the money it would have spent developing DX technology and spend it somewhere else: the other product lines mentioned in its statement.