Itheon, previously known as Heroix, has launched Itheon Availability Management (iAM), a modular tool that aims to provide users with high visibility and reliability of an entire IT infrastructure.

The product combines into a single view, or portal, an overview of the functioning of components as disparate as network components, storage, servers, and applications - such as databases, messaging and e-commerce. Users can then drill down to look at the performance of individual components.

According to Itheon, it developed iAM 'to ensure high availability and visibility of all the key IT components within an IT infrastructure'. The company said the modules may be used individually, or together, and is therefore suited to help IT managers ensure SLA compliance. The product's modular nature allows IT managers to add functionality as systems change over time.

iAM's overview module allows IT managers to see the relationship between the availability of key business services and the component parts of the IT infrastructure. The quality of service module monitors response times, while the modules for individual hardware components use SNMP and MIB-based monitoring.

Retrieved information such as graphs and reports can be viewed in a browser. The system configures itself, identifying servers and applications it needs to monitor and returning useful data in under 30 minutes, according to Itheon's Debra Wilkins. Wilkins added that the single portal view 'allows all members of the support team to share a single consistent view of what is really happening rather than only seeing a small isolated portion. So, when remedial action is applied, its effect can be seen and understood by all support team members, resulting in a more co-ordinated approach to the process of ensuring high availability.'

Managing director Paul Roxan commented, "Traditional IT infrastructure management solutions have tended to focus on individual aspects such as servers or applications in isolation. As a result, it has proved difficult to understand the full impact of system failure on the business itself. We developed iAM to provide a service-oriented view via a centralised portal for event and performance data reporting on the health and availability of the whole IT infrastructure".

Prices depend on usage and module but, as an example, a server module (iAM:Servers) would be in the region of £600 per server.