Getting to grips with implementing a unified communications is something that is exercising many businesses. With different companies proposing different strategies, working out the best way forward is challenging many CIOs.

The truth is that implementing such a radical is not such an easy task – even though there’s a universal agreement that this is the way forward. According to research from Forrester, most organisations have now combined IT and telecoms into one budget. However, they’re making limited progress on integrating IT and telecoms staff and technologies. And an added complication is the growth of mobile services , many enterprises are now looking to integrate a mobile workforce.

Techworld’s sister publication has teamed up with Siemens and Forrester to discuss some of the implications of this lack of integration and to point the way forward for organisations to improve their integrations. There will be a webcast on 25 October in which strategies for enterprises will be discussed. As well as highlighting the key issues for user organisations, there will be a case study as a working example of how this can be achieved.