Isilon is set to roll out enhancements to its clustered storage system. The company said that the changes were designed to help companies improve their data protection by taking point-in-time snapshots and balancing loads across storage resources.

The company's new software - SnapshotIQ, the SmartConnect load balancer and an update to its OneFS distributed file system - works with a cluster of Isilon storage systems, accelerators and archiving nodes linked via Gigabit Ethernet or InfiniBand. Isilon IQ clusters are managed via OneFS and connect to a Gigabit Ethernet network.

SnapshotIQ supports an unlimited number of snapshots per cluster, and as many as 1,024 per directory. Snapshots can be scheduled to back up the entire cluster, individual directories or subdirectories. With SnapshotIQ, users can recover data from within Windows.

SmartConnect maximises performance by balancing client connections across the entire storage cluster. It supports only the Unix/Linux Network File System failover and failback for availability; Microsoft's Common Internet File System clusters are not supported. With SmartConnect, IT administrators can create policies for the cluster based on throughput, CPU use, client connections or application availability.

OneFS now manages as much as a petabyte of capacity and provides 10GB/s of performance. That's a big improvement over previous systems that maxed out at 250TB of capacity and 3GB/s of performance. OneFS now can handle failure of three or four nodes, whereas previously it could deal with the failure of only one or two nodes.