Here's something to warm the heart of iSeries people, something to remind everyone else that an IBM iSeries machine makes a good consolidation point for servers. By running LXI's MMS product an iSeries machine can be a central backup server for several other types of servers.

These run LXI's Universal Client software and can be Windows, Unix or Linux servers. This software enables IT managers to centrally track all backup information, protect all backup media, and share hardware across an enterprise.

Jobs can run automatically and without any operator intervention. There are no disk caching requirements, allowing for the backup to run at the speed of the device.

Tim Kormos, product manager at LXI, said,“With the iSeries, organizations gain the security and reliability not available in open system counterparts. With MMS and the Universal Client, we have effectively changed how the iSeries fits into the enterprise backup and recovery architecture. Instead of being an island, separated from the other platforms, the iSeries can now be the center of the backup and recovery strategy.”

The Universal Client software co-operating with the MMS package means organizations can leverage existing hardware resources across their enterprise, set backup policies for Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms from a central location, dynamically manage devices, protect tapes against accidental overwrites or erasures, manage content to locate data for recovery, and centralize vault management with 'comprehensive off-site location movement control.' (We think that means it knows where the vaulted tapes are.)

Additional capabilities include hot backups of Lotus Notes/Domino, automated tape consolidation for data life cycle management, duplication, automated device management, and shared tape library management.