Network monitoring and control firm Ipswitch today updated its flagship WhatsUp Gold software so that it can be integrated with more hardware.

WhatsUp Gold v16.2 includes integration with wireless network technologies from Meru Networks and Ruckus, Cisco wireless access points (WAP) and Cisco Nexus network switches with virtualisation capabilities. Ipswitch claims the latest version of WhatsUp Gold also provides enhanced support for the IPv6 protocol, active policy management, and discovery and monitoring features.

WhatsUp Gold - used by organisations from the US military, Hamleys toy shop and Dyson  - aims to give network administrators an overview of their networks, servers, VOIP, applications and wireless devices from a single dashboard.

Matt Cline, senior systems administrator at Optim Healthcare, said: "The latest version of WhatsUp Gold will give me more visibility into my network and improve wireless network management – through its existing unified dashboard. It will also help further address the challenges caused by employees who bring their own devices to work or chew bandwidth with streaming media."

Ennio Carboni, president of the Ipswitch Network Management Division, told Techworld last week at the company's headquarters just outside Boston that he sees a big opportunity for Ipswitch in the virtualisation market.

"One of the things that surprises us is the lack of controls around the usage of the technology," he said. "What you'll see from us is an expansion around virtualisation management. It's our largest investment area."