Ipswitch has launched a management module designed for providing availability and performance information within VMware environments.

Ipswitch network management division, best known for its Whatsup products, said that the plug-in, Whatsvirtual, which would integrate with the vSphere API would manage ESX and ESXi hosts and their virtual machines from a single console.

The company said that the product had been introduced to deal with the difficulties thrown up when organisation tried to manage physical and virtual machines within the same network. In addition, traditional approaches such as SNMP find it hard to deal with the complexities of virtual machines, where issues such as VM sprawl have placed extra burdens on administrators.

Ipswitch said that WhatsVirtual provided configurable reporting of real-time status . According to the company, the software providesintuitive drill downs from ESX/ESXi host system representations into each virtual machine, to provide administrators support for VMware actions and management tasks.

"WhatsVirtual makes IT management simple by enabling single console monitoring for all physical and virtual servers," said Kevin Gillis, vice president of product management for Ipswitch, Inc.'s Network Management Division. "With WhatsVirtual's complete integration into the WhatsUp Gold platform, network and systems managers can access a consolidated view of every aspect of the datacentre.

WhatsUp Gold WhatsVirtual is immediately available starting at $1,495 USDand is licensed for an unlimited number of monitors, users will have to use WhatsUp Gold v14.2 too. Interested customers will be able to check out a free trial from the Whatsup Gold website.