Iomega has announced the REV as the name for its removable Rigid Disk Drives (RDD), announced earlier this month. It offers 35GB native capacity and, Iomega surprisingly claims, 90GB compressed capacity. Usually compression works at a 2:1 ratio. The REV is expected to be available in March, 2004.

Iomega believes that the REV disk will be the smallest portable storage disk in the marketplace to hold 35GB of data. Iomega REV drives will cost, the company says, less than DDS, DAT-72, VXA, AIT-1, DLT and DLT VS80 drives.

Iomega and German manufacturer BDT announced their intent to develop tape replacement autoloader products using RDD technology. The two companies foresee a range of products, from 5.25-inch single drive products with 280GB native capacity to multi-drive 4U configurations with over 4 TB of native storage.

BDT currently supplies about 70 per cent of the low-end autoloader market through its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationships with leading computer companies, including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Quantum and ADIC.