Iomega has created a 35GB rigid disk drive (RDD) technology using 2.5 inch disks and Fujifilm Nanocubic coating technology, as seen in IBM's 3592 300GB tape format.

The 3.5 inch form factor drive, "will cost significantly less than a DDS tape drive," according to Ulrike Tegtmeier, Iomega's managing director for Europe. The drives, and removable cartridges, have anti-contamination sealing technology and are claimed to be 8 times less susceptible to contamination than Iomega's earlier JAZ drives. Cartridges will comfortably fit in a shirt pocket.

Tegtmeier said: "Backup is seven times faster than tape and restoration takes place at disk speeds." The compressed capacity is 70-90GB, depending upon the compression ratio. Iomega says the drive, as yet un-named, will be available towards the end of the first quarter next year, in both stand-alone and OEM forms. Tegtmeier conformed that Iomega was in talks, "with established autoloader suppliers" concerning their potential adoption of the technology.