Iomega has launched an all-in-one security product for small business.

OfficeScreen combines products from Jupiter Networks and VeriSign and covers all basic security needs for a monthly fee. For that you get pre-configured hardware, set-up assistance, and full-service network management and monitoring.

Jupiter provides a firewall, IPSec VPN (virtual private network), threat management, and SSL (secure sockets layer) VPN products. SSL is used as a secure transport mechanism and doesn't need a software client to be deployed on mobile and remote users' computing devices. VeriSign is tapped for two-factor authentication - meaning users enter a password and also carry a device or token which validates their identity.

OfficeScreen, a managed virtual private network (VPN) service, came to Iomega through its acquisition of CSCI earlier this year. The idea is to use Iomega's brand image and channel partners to build an alternative revenue stream as the traditional Zip drive revenues fall away. It wants to build a operating expense-based revenue stream separate from customer purchases of removable disk products, like the newer Rev drives, which face strong competition.

Iomega claims that OfficeScreen creates secure wide area networks that connect remote offices and workers to applications and data at a company's headquarters, while countering security threats from hackers, worms and viruses across a company's entire network. Jonathan Huberman, Iomega's CEO, said: "Iomega is cutting through the confusion of a fractured managed services market to provide SMBs with what they need for network security."

Competing products

F5 FirePass, SonicWall and Cisco's IOS Router products are in the same SME VPN security market. Iomega is so confident of its OfficeScreen service product that it offers online competitive knock-offs here, here, and here,

According to independent market analysis, the global market for managed security services is expected to be $2.9 billion in 2006, growing to $3.7 billion in 2008. OfficeScreen is available in North America now and will be arriving in Europe shortly. No pricing was revealed.