Intel wants to help all Linux users become greener with a new open-source project., which went live yesterday, provides tools and advice on improving the power efficiency of the Linux operating system and applications.

The initiative was unveiled by Renee James, corporate vice president of Intel's Software and Solutions Group, at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

LessWatts has several components, including enhancements to the Linux kernel that improve power efficiency, Intel said. The project will also include PowerTOP, a tool that helps improve the power efficiency of Linux applications, and the Linux Battery Life Toolkit, which can measure the impact code changes have on power consumption, it said.

Intel will also provide Linux support for the power-saving features it is building into its products.

LessWatts is aimed at Linux uses from corporate datacentres down to consumer handheld devices. Intel hopes the initiative will attract software developers, Linux vendors, and end-users.

Oracle, Red Hat and Novell announced their support for the initiative.