G-20 leaders meeting today in London faced calls to implement policies that encourage investment in environmentally friendly technologies and agree on a more effective climate treaty, after Intel CEO Paul Otellini signed a letter drafted by the Copenhagen Climate Council.

Otellini was the only head of a major high-technology firm to sign the letter. Other signers include business leaders, academics and scientists. The Copenhagen Climate Council was created to build awareness for the U.N. Climate Change Conference, scheduled to be held in Copenhagen in December.

"We believe that this year we are at an historic crossroads. Either we establish a new more effective global climate treaty to tackle the climate problem, or we jeopardize our common future," the group wrote in the letter, which was also published in the International Herald Tribune newspaper.

G-20 members will convene in London today. The issues topping their agenda include stabilising financial markets and to map out a sustainable economic recovery.

"Either decision-makers lay the foundation for sustainable, economic recovery - or we will hand huge risks to our children," the Copenhagen Climate Council said.