DNS specialist, Infoblox has launched a dedicated appliance aimed at connecting devices from different IP systems, claiming to simplify a process that, up to now, has led to great complexities.

The Infoblox Orchestration Server, which is based on the Interface to Metadata Access Points (IF-MAP) standard from the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).

The current method for connecting disparate resources within an organisation involves a large amount of customized point-to-point connectivity using technologies such as SNMP and proprietary APIs. Because of the complexity of this, Infloblox said that much data is locked in individual silos.

According to Dirk Marichal, Infoblox's EMEA vice president said that the new device would help with a variety of different pressures. "There's a pressure on resoures as people have to do more with less people and there's a need to introduce more automation."

As an example of the problems that modern enterprises face, Marichal said that we should look at the conflicts thrown up by managing the security policies within an organisation. That involves connecting phone directories, mail servers, HR systems, building access control system and several more. At the moment, connecting all those together is a difficult task and is even more difficult to maintain.

By using IF-MAP, he said, organisations could get over many of the difficulties. By using the technology, enterprises could update data automatically so an employee being recognised by the building access control system is picked up by Active Directory too.

The Infoblox Orchestration Server will work with any client device that supports IF-MAP, said Marichal, predicting a bright future for the product. "We'll keep investing in the technology to enable more silos to work together." In particular, he said, the company wanted to bring together the two strands of DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI) and Network Change and Configuration Management (NCCM) within future developments of the product. Infoblox bought NCCM specialist, Netcordia earlier this month.