Infoblox has teamed up with WANs acceleration specialist, Riverbed to offer what it claims is the first virtualised core network services appliance for the branch office.

The Infoblox Virtual Appliance software works with the new Riverbed RiOSServices Platform (RSP), offering users core network services, such as domain name resolution (DNS), IP address assignment and management (DHCP and IPAM), authentication (RADIUS), and file distribution (FTP/TFTP/HTTP).

Karl Driesen, vice president EMEA sales for Infoblox said that the partnership had come about because core network services were becoming a bottleneck within organisations of multiple locations. He said that this bottleneck had been exacerbated by the number of applications within organisations as servers are being replaced by other network appliances.

The management of such core network services was proving to be a headache to administrators who were tending to rely on spreadsheets to keep note of IP addresses within organisation. In particular, he said, this made resolving problems and firefighting difficult. “When there’s a problem: you need to track back and find out what went wrong and what was changed – not always easy on a spreadsheet.”

He said that the product was not aimed at companies who were Microsoft-only. “We do have Microsoft-only solutions but the people who are going for the bigger initiatives are from larger organisations that have a variety of vendors”