InfiniBand startup SilverStorm has won $13 million in new funding, a reflection of the renewed interest in the high-speed I/O switching fabric.

SilverStorm is one of a handful of players left in the InfiniBand market, which took off with a boom in 2000, but then fizzled when the technology failed to gain widespread adoption as expected. A primary competitor, Topspin, was acquired by Cisco last year, another indication that InfiniBand may be on the upswing.

SilverStorm was formerly known as InfiniCon but changed its name last May as part of a strategy to broaden its focus beyond InfiniBand to other high-speed interconnect technologies.

"The market opportunity for high performance cluster computing interconnect solutions is expanding quickly as the industry increasingly uses lower cost servers, blade servers and storage systems to build out data centers," said William Dunbar, managing director of Core Capital Partners, which led the latest round of funding.

SilverStorm’s InfiniBand products, including InfiniBand switches and host channel adapters, are used in high-performance business computing, database clustering and grid computing applications. Customers include Toyota, Sun, Virginia Tech and Canon.

Russ Hawkins, the company’s CEO, says the new round of funding will be used to expand product development, as well as to enhance sales and marketing efforts.

In addition to Core Capital Partners, Axiom Venture Partners also became a new investor. Existing investors Bay Partners and Castile Ventures Partners also participated in the round.