Berlin, Germany-based Nova Media has announced iHub, a forthcoming OS X application that enables Macs and iOS devices to synchronize their address books and calendars securely over a local wireless network.

iHub runs as a background application on a Mac and allows other devices on a local wireless network to synchronize their information with it. Because all data is stored and transferred locally, the company says, iHub is inherently safer than cloud-based services that rely on Internet connectivity to function. If no local WiFi network is available, as might be the case on the go, iHub can also turn a Mac into a hotspot to which your other devices can connect in order to sync up.

Because it takes advantage of existing data-exchange technologies like CalDAV and CardDAV, iHub only needs to be installed on the single Mac that acts as a central repository for your data. All other devices--including those that run iOS--can then connect to it and sync their data wirelessly without having to install any additional software or connect to iTunes.

But there is a catch: iOS devices must be running version 3.1.3 or higher of the operating system in order to sync calendars, while only the upcoming iOS 4 will allow users to sync their address books. As a result,  iPad owners will likely have to wait until the fall, when the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system becomes available for owners of the company's tablet.

iHub requires OS X 10.6 or higher; at press time, Nova Media had not yet announced pricing or availability for the software, but the  product's page on the company's Website includes a notification feature that will advise registered users when iHub becomes available.