IBM has announced three new Tivoli systems management software products.

It has also produced a Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database, which unites IT information across multiple databases so sysadmins can track a single application running on a dozen servers.

The database and three software products will be available in limited quantities this summer, said Bob Madey, Tivoli's marketing VP. Pricing for the software hasn't been announced.

IBM Tivoli Change and Release Management, IBM Tivoli Availability Management and IBM Tivoli Information Lifecycle Management are all designed to co-ordinate application deployments across software, hardware, storage and network devices. Tivoli competes against systems management products from HP, Computer Associates, BMC and a host of other smaller vendors.

Madey said the new database makes IBM the "only one to announce a truly federated approach with a database".

The idea of having a centralised database for tracking IT assets in an organisation arises from long-standing recommendations by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and other systems management groups. BMC has already announced a centralised database, but IBM believes a federated approach makes more sense because many companies have infrastructure databases already, Madey argued. "Federation allows you to be more flexible and more scalable," he said.

IBM also announced IBM Tivoli Unified Process - an online software tool for following ITIL recommendations.

The new Process Managers are built from a number of related products in IBM's Tivoli, Rational, WebSphere and DB2 middleware lines, as well as new technology in self-managing.