IBM has made its latest charge at storage rival EMC with a new series of "Turbo" products.

The new line offers faster performance, improved system management and lower cost of ownership than previous IBM models or its competitors’, the company said. A high-end disk array DS8000 Turbo line features what IBM claims is an industry first - 4Gbit/s FICON throughput, double the 2Gbit/s typically available.

The Turbo runs on IBM’s Power 5 chips that it claims deliver 15 percent better performance than the previous model.

The target is market leader EMC, which IBM has been gaining in recently as EMC focuses on expanding into other areas. "We’ve been making strong in-roads into market share that EMC has had," said IBM's storage marketing director Charlie Andrews.

The DS8000 Turbo also features tiered storage, in which the first tier handles storage of frequently used data using high-speed Fibre Channel drives, while the second handles less frequently used data using lower cost advanced technology attachment (ATA) drives.

The Turbo comes with a four-year warranty, which should reduce the cost of ownership for enterprises that deploy the equipment, said Andrews. "Nobody in the enterprise space wants boxes that are unserviced," he said.

IBM also introduced the System Storage N7000 Series, developed through IBM’s partnership with Network Appliance. Net App will produce the N7000 Series as IBM products while also selling similar models under its own brand, said Andrews.