IBM and EMC have announced that in future they will exchange information to make it easier for their customers to manage the other vendor's machines.

The fierce rivals will share technology so that EMC storage will be able to work better with IBM eSeries zServer mainframe servers.

EMC will license mainframe and storage technology from IBM to extend the compatibility between EMC Symmetrix DMX arrays and IBM Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy and Extended Remote Copy functions. IBM will also share information on its FlashCopy, Multiple Allegiance and Parallel Access Volumes so they can be supported on EMC Symmetrix systems.

Vendors are scrambling to increase their storage market share, and have been exchanging Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) so their products can be managed and can operate better. In the past year, EMC has exchanged APIs with Hewlett-Packard and Veritas Software.

IBM and EMC say that they have agreed on a framework for the exchange of APIs for their storage and server products, including an industry standard, Storage Management Initiative Specification.