Seagate subsidiary i365 has launched some enhancements to its EVault online backup and recovery software. EVault Real Time Protection and EVault System Restore software have been designed to improve the way they handle recovery of data.

EVault Real Time Protection offers real-time monitoring of changes in data so it can be backed up as often as every five minutes to help minimise potential data loss on Exchange or SQL Server. i365 claimed that EVault System Restore could recover a failed system in the event of a hardware failure within minutes.

And it seems that users are increasingly interested in e-discovery. "It's not just a question of storing the data, it's searching for it too," said Phil Evans, i365's UK country manager.

He said that most businesses couldn't face too much downtime without suffering severe business loss. According to research company ESG, 58 percent of SMEs could only tolerate up to 4 hours of downtime before suffering severe business loss.

Evans said that EVault System Restore could help such companies get back online quickly. "Our tool allows users to boot from CD or network. It's a fast, seamless restart," he said.