Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has appointed a new CEO.

As of today, Eric Xu will head up the Shenzhen-headquartered company. However, as a result of Huawei’s rotating CEO system, introduced last year, Xu will only fill the role for six months before stepping down.

Xu takes over from Guo Ping, who was in the role since March 2012.

The rotating CEO system is designed to allow several senior staff to bring their own new ideas to the handset and wireless infrastructure company.

Xu graduated with a doctorate degree from Nanjing University of Science and Technology in 1993 and has worked at Huawei ever since. In his time at the company he has served as president of the wireless product line, chief strategy and marketing officer, chief products & solutions officer, chairman of the investment review board, corporate EVP, and chairman of the SDC.

Under the plan, Ren Zhengfei remains the company's chairman.

When the rotating CEO system was announced last year, Zhengfei said: "In times when social changes were not so dramatic, emperors could reign for several decades and create periods of peace and prosperity...The rotational period for each emperor lasted several decades.

"Today, tides rise and surge; companies are springing up all over the place while others are quickly being swept away. Huawei hasn't found a way to adapt well to a rapidly changing society. Time will tell if the rotating CEO system is the right move or not."