HP has introduced an expanded software suite designed to help data-centre managers to improve their data recovery process.

HP's Insight Orchestration and Insight Recovery are add-on software applications for HP Insight Dynamics - VSE, the vendor's physical and virtual systems management product. Insight Orchestration uses visual design tools that let systems administrators create multi-node, multi-tier templates for data-centre
infrastructure. With the templates on hand, systems administrators can then use Insight Orchestration to  speed up the deployment of new infrastructure with the needed storage and network resources automatically associated with the physical or virtual servers.

"Systems administrators can create a catalogue of best practice templates from which to choose and they won't need to spend the time redefining requirements when the business demands more data centre resources," says Mark Linesch, vice president of HP Insight Software.

Insight Recovery has been designed to reduce the "risk associated with downtime," he said. The software provides disaster-recovery capabilities for systems administrators running blade systems with a mix of physical and virtual servers. The product is designed for customers with multiple locations or branch offices that might need to restart applications remotely. The software works with VMware hypervisors and allows for site-to-site replication and connects to HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array-based products running Continuous Access data-replication software with HP ProLiant servers.

Both applications run on the same server systems that administrators have deployed Insight Dynamics on, Linesch explained, and can be purchased separately as optional software when customers need them.

"These are practical tools that increase productivity and ultimately save people money," Linesch said. "IT organisations today need to be looking to save every watt of energy, every hour of labour and every dollar they spend so they can become more flexible and respond to business needs."