Hitachi Data Systems is expanding its network-attached storage (NAS) product line with two new products. These fit below the existing HNAS 2100 and 2200 models, and provide nearline storage with data protection, replication, clustering, and virtual server capabilities integrated into HDS' storage management framework.

The HDS NAS Platform 2000 (HNAS 2000) can scale from 8TB to 2PB in capacity, all in a single file namespace, and also scale to eight nodes in a cluster. The existing 2100 and 2200 models have had their performance increased by doubling their cluster node count from four to eight. The HNAS 2000 supports 64-bit SCSI addressing enabling a 64TB storage volume (logical unit number or LUN). It can have a mix of Fibre Channel and serial ATA (SATA) disks. HDS says it can be used for disaster recovery site storage.

A variant of it is the NAS Platform 2000 Nearline (HNAS 2000 R) using SATA-based Hitachi WMS100 storage arrays, which can scale to a 2-node cluster. HDS says it can be used to replicate data from a primary site to an offsite nearline location from where data can be retrieved rapidly when needed. It could also be used as a cost-effective repository with faster access than tape.

Both new products are integrated with HDS' HiCommand Tiered Storage Manager and HiCommand Device Manager. This means they can be combined as file-based virtualisation framework products with the block-based virtualisation framework provided by HDS' Universal Storage Platform V series.

The products also support synchronous replication with TrueCopy software, and local clone support with ShadowImage Heterogeneous Replication software. HDS has partnered with Ciena to deliver a MetroCluster long-distance replication solution. Customers can have an active-active GeoCluster up to 100 kilometres in distance.

Andy Williams, HDS' EMEA NAS product manager, said: "The Metrocluster solution extends local clustering over a campus environment with geographically separated NAS heads and storage."

For customers that converge multiple networks, users, and departmental requirements onto the HDS NAS Platform, HDS has new software that provides enhanced security capabilities to Virtual Servers. It provides multi-domain support across all Enterprise Virtual Servers, with a total of 64 virtual servers per entity. This allows storage resources to be securely isolated and provisioned safely. The software also provides isolated name space support for each Secured Virtual Server.

There is model-to-model, data-in-place upgradability throughout the HNAS 2000, 2100 and 2200 range.

Williams said: "The revised HNAS (including R) portfolio can span the competitive offerings of NetApp's Nearline, 3000 and 6000 series. In addition the software enhancements enables HNAS to increasingly offer alternatives, and raise the bar, when compared to most competitive NAS solutions on the market."

HDS OEMs its NAS product technology from BlueArc. Earlier this month BlueArc uprated its Titan 2000 product and provided capabilities such as SATA drive support, a 2PB namespace and 8-node clustering underlying the HDS announcement. The enhancements mean that a Titan, and the overall HNAS 2000 range, can better support thousands of users accessing millions of files.

The recent Isilion IQ12000 clustered NAS announcement featured a 1.6PB capacity with up to 96 nodes in a cluster. Its theoretical maximum capacity is 2.3PB if every node has an expansion cabinet.