Three Grosvenor casinos in London, Reading and Coventry have created the world’s first multi-site cloud casino environment, providing instant access to the largest game library in the industry, as well as analytical reporting tools which offer insight into product performance.

The cloud itself is hosted and managed by International Game Technology (IGT), which designs, develops and manufactures gaming machines and systems products. The IGT Cloud has been built using proprietary technology, and is the result of a collaboration between IGT and CA Technologies.

Casino operators can use the cloud to access IGT’s entire UK Advanced Video Platform (AVP) game library, (including all themes under its 'Fort Knox' progressive system), and to make informed real-time decisions about which IGT games to deploy on each terminal.

So in the evening, for example, the operators might want to deploy 'high-volatility' games, which pay out more money but less often, because this is when the serious gamers are likely to come in. During the day, however, they might want to switch these for low-volatility games, to encourage casual players to spend more time on each machine.

Casino operators can use the IGT Cloud to remotely change the games that the machines on the floor offer from one central point, based on market conditions and demographics, in order to drive profitability.

“We are always looking for ways to provide our players with the very best gaming experiences possible,” said Simon Beacham, head of electronic gaming at Grosvenor Casinos.

“Through our IGT Cloud we now have the ability to evaluate the performance of games and quickly offer the best and newest IGT games to our players. Now, our customers can benefit from a customised gambling experience, with the games they want available at a touch of a button.”

IGT said that cloud adoption represents a significant step forward in casino management. Where previously machine performance could only be measured on a terminal-by-terminal basis, the IGT's sbX analytics package provides insight into product performance on a game-by-game basis.

The advantage of having a multi-site cloud casino environment is that Grosvenor can also get a view of machine performance across all casinos, and save on the cost of on-site servers and separate analytics packages.

In the future, Grosvenor will be able to pursue a convergence strategy, joining up its physical casinos with its online and mobile platforms, without having to make any significant infrastructure investments. Other Grosvenor Casinos will begin using the IGT Cloud later this year.

“The deployment of the world’s first multi-site cloud casino environment with Grosvenor Casinos is a sign of IGT’s forward thinking approach to driving technological innovation in the gambling industry,” said Sabby Gill, regional vice president for EMEA and LATAM, IGT.