Gresham Enterprise Storage has announced a version of its virtual tape library software that allows users to back up data to disk and then migrate it to tape.

Gresham Clareti Virtual Tape Library Version 2.0 provides resource use and system fidelity, allowing users to predict capacity allocation as well as uptime. Performance can be scaled by stacking more Clareti software nodes in parallel and disk cache can be expanded by provisioning more disk space.

Clareti VTL's analytics use an indexing application that monitors backup operations in real-time and gathers historical data on operations, devices and media.

The architecture allows several nodes to be virtualised into a single VTL image. Each node adds two additional inbound and outbound 4Gbit/s Fibre Channel connections.

The new version of Clareti also allows tape library consolidation. Several physical tape libraries or other vendor's virtual tape libraries can be positioned behind the server running the Clareti software. Those physical or virtual libraries are then virtualised and can be presented for management as a single VTL device to the back-up software.

Gresham's Clareti includes tape-management functions for recovering data from tape media.

Gresham Clareti VTL 2.0 is expected to be available at the end of this quarter.