CA is set to release a suite of "eco-software", aimed at helping organisations measure electricity consumption and other resources, and set up a governance structure to enforce and monitor designated targets.

Senior sales director Carl Terrantroy showed us a preview of the system. Performance monitoring software has long been a staple of CA's software offerings, and it appears that under the pressure of an economic recession the company is promoting extensions of such tools to rein in wasteful ICT use of electricity.

The Eco-meter captures detailed real time information about energy use across an organisation's data centres and other facilities, visually presenting measures, trends and alerts.

This provides information as a base for action to reduce costs and improve operations, then measures how those actions are performing against targets, says Terrantroy. It will tell you where the "hot spots" are in an organisation with a wasteful use of resources, and where efforts to economise will have the greatest effect.

The other arm of the product is administrative software to assist "eco-governance". "This involves setting up your corporate objectives for running a green business, with what you're doing to reduce and monitor carbon footprint," Terrantroy says.

A company's own policy for decreasing its carbon footprint is often not enough. The governance structure should allow a persuasive argument to be put to its suppliers that they should be doing their part in reducing the overall footprint along the supply chain, he says.