Data centre managers are being advised on how best they can respond to legislation to make their operations more efficient, by industry green data centre consortium Green Grid.

The "Energy Policy Research & Implications For Data Centres In EMEA" report summarises the key energy policies across 12 key EMEA countries, including the UK, as well as EU and international policies.

The research focuses on four areas that affect data centres. It covers government regulatory obligations, relevant voluntary mechanisms, financial incentives for investing in the country and employing low carbon technology and practices, and the policies that add financial costs from an energy and carbon perspective.

Harkeeret Singh, the report’s editor and the Green Grid’s EMEA technical chair, said: "The report provides policy transparency across all the countries covered, and shows how operators are subject to increasingly demanding building regulations aimed towards reducing energy use and carbon output."

As an example, Singh cited the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) which encourages "nearly carbon neutral" development.

“On top of that there are numerous voluntary schemes that can have a serious impact on an organisations’ brand and reputation,” said Singh.