An overwhelming majority of the world’s best computers for processing big data are built by IBM, according to this year’s Graph500 list. 

IBM, which prides itself as one of the leading players in big data, took the top three spots on the list out yesterday that ranks supercomputers on their ability to process massive amounts of big data.

The top three positions went to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Sequoia, Argonne National Laboratory’s Mira and Forschungszentrum Juelich’s (FZJ) Juqueen, which all use IBM Blue Gene/Q systems.

Blue Gene supercomputers have ranked number one on the biannually-published Graph500 list since 2010, with Sequoia topping the list three consecutive times since 2012.

IBM was also the top overall vendor on the list, with 35 entries out of 160. Meanwhile, Dell featured 12 times and Fujitsu, seven. 

The Graph500 was established in 2010 by a group of 50 international high-performance computing (HPC) industry professionals, academics, experts and national laboratory staff. 

It was established to complement to the Top500 list, which ranks supercomputers based on performance speed via a benchmark called the LINPACK.