Kazeon, an information classification and indexing product company, has linked with Google's enterprise search product.

The Kazeon product is a new kind of storage application which categorises and lists unstructured information. Policies can then be applied to it to drive its storage in Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) multi-tiered disk arrays. Without such classification and policies ILM is crippled because it is not content-aware.

By combining Google search with Kazeon's IS1200 Information Server product,. the company said that customers will get a claimed integrated search capability that will stretch from web-enabled knowledge repositories to their own storage infrastructure - files in file systems, archives and disk-to-disk backups.

To date, Google has primarily focused on indexing web-enabled enterprise content. It also focuses on indexing a select number of documents for enterprises. As such, their high-end 8-node search appliance maxes out in the tens of millions of documents. Kazeon handles native file system data and can search/index tens of millions of files with a single appliance. and hundreds of millions with a cluster.

Kazeon has previously partnered with NetApp. Google has already partnered with StoredIQ which also provides a classification capability. Kazeon, unlike StoredIQ, provides built-in indexing and search functions which will be integrated with the Google enterprise search product.

Kazeon's Alex Kushnir, co-founder and VP business development, said the Kazeon-Google combination would deliver "the industry’s most comprehensive solution for applications such as data classification and migration, data privacy and legal discovery.”

A Google spokesperson, Kevin Smith, program manager for Google Enterprise Professional, said: "We're looking forward to bringing the power of Google search to archives, disk-to-disk backups and additional types of file systems via Kazeon technology."

Kazeon has joined the Google Enterprise Professional Program. This includes developers, consultants and independent software vendors who provide services and products for Google products.