Combining iSCSI, Gigabit Ethernet and Serial ATA hard drives, storage specialist Overland says its new appliance accelerates backup and restore operations.

The REO R2000, dubbed a backup accelerator, exploits the concept of hierarchical storage, interposing itself between backup server and tape library. Instead of backing up direct to tape, Overland proposes that its new product can shorten the backup window for multi-server sites because data runs over the Gig Ethernet link to the R2000's 2TB of fast, SATA RAID rather than to tape. Only then is the data dumped to tape as an archive copy. Overland claims a typical performance of 300GB/hour, which works out to 666Mbit/s. Other benefits claimed by Overland for the R2000 include low installation costs because of its use of standard Ethernet connectivity, the ability to use existing backup software and Windows 2000 Servers in-built iSCSI drivers, simplification of remote site backup, and tape processing consolidation. Recovery is faster too, as the data comes from random access media rather than serial tape. And, according to Overland, iSCSI delivers that same performance as a gigabit Fibre Channel but without the cost and complexity. "With Overland’s proven expertise in tape backup, the REO SERIES is the next logical step for recovery and data backup. No other backup solution combines high-performance iSCSI data transfer, secondary backup to tape and compatibility with virtually all backup software," said Overland CTO and VP John Matze, who is also co-author of the iSCSI specification. "Starting with its 2TB SATA disk capacity and reasonable price point, the REO SERIES improves data protection for our end user customers while filling a void in our resellers’ backup solution portfolios." The R2000 forms part of a family of backup and recovery acceleration appliances, said Overland, including the R2000, the RA2000 recovery acceleration appliance, and the RX2000 recovery expansion appliance. The R2000 sells through Hammer distribution for a suggested retail price of 16,500 for 2 TB of SATA storage.