Telecoms operator, Global Crossing is set to expand its services in Europe. The company said that it is also preparing to introduce new VoIP services.

The operator has added IP gateways in several European cities and built new points of presence in Italy and Russia. The expansion means that enterprise customers and other carriers in Rome and Moscow can use voice and data services from Global Crossing. New network gear in Brussels; Madrid; Munich; and Vienna will allow Global Crossing to offer dedicated Internet access to customers and later to deliver IP VPN services to enterprises in those cities, the company said.

The new network nodes will also reduce costs for customers that will be able to access a physically closer gateway to Global Crossing's network, thus reducing their access costs, the operator said.

The expansion is part of a broad company push to continue to invest in its network, Global Crossing said.

The company has also introduced VoIP services in Europe. The new offerings include a variety of local, national and international services. These will deliver calls partly over the public telephone networks and partly over Global Crossing's network, eliminating some existing telecommunications connection fees for customers, Global Crossing said.

The new services are being offered in response to continued demand from companies in Europe that are converging their voice and data traffic, the company said.

Global Crossing's European network now covers more than 30,000 kilometres across 15 countries, the company said.