Embarcadero Technologies has launched a new network and application testing tool, Extreme Test. Based on standards such as JavaScript, J2EE and established databases such as SQL Server, Sybase and Oracle, the enterprise-level product has been a year in the testing.

According to Embarcadero senior consultant Paul Down, the list of applications and network platforms it supports -- primarily Linux and Windows -- are those requested by beta customers.

Down reckoned that the unique features of the product were its standards-based approach -- it's built around J2EE -- its usability because of the ability to perform all tasks using the single intuitive UI, and the goals-based nature of the product. He added that it was designed for a collaborative approach: because standard database formats are used, multiple users can access and work with the data.

He added that the tool is likely to be used for developing applications but also for investigating problems where users are reporting poor response times. "We can calculate latencies so we can separate network issues from server response times," he said.

VP of international operations Robert Oliphant said that enterprises can, for instance, buy a 100-client licence for a week for under £10,000, and would still save money compared to bringing in 250 people to stress-test an application