Flash storage vendor Fusion-io has teamed up with software developer SkySQL to implement atomic writes in the open source MariaDB database system.

Atomic writes allows processors to simultaneously write multiple independent storage sectors as a single storage transaction, thereby boosting performance and extending the hardware lifespan as flash storage can only take a limited number of writes.

The increasingly popular SkySQL, which merged with MariaDB founder Monty AB earlier this year, has worked with Fusion-io to improve write endurance on the firm's flash storage arrays, it was announced today.

SkySQL, which leads the development of MariaDB and offers enterprise support for database users, has implemented the atomic writes feature on Fusion-io drives in order to appeal to enterprise firms looking to deploy flash based storage in their database systems.

“Atomic writes moves beyond redundant architectures left over from building databases for disk drive systems,” said Peter Zaitsev, CEO and Founder of Percona.

“Flash-aware applications streamline the software stack to extend the potential of flash beyond basic, block addressable storage. New flash-aware APIs like atomic writes help deliver high performance MySQL acceleration optimized for modern datacenter architectures designed around efficiency and performance.”

The Fusion-io atomic writes API is now in use in MySQL databases MariaDB 5.5.31 and Percona Server 5.5.31 as well as the upcoming Percona Server 5.6.